Vers Paris
This is a photoreportage of eleven guys and their trip, biking 1400 km from Denmark to Paris on one-gear trackbikes. Watch the trailer for an upcomming documentary at

We want to thank everybody we met on the trip for your kindness and hospitality.

Photography by Khanh Gia

1st stage: Flensburg - Heide - 82 km.

2nd stage: Heide - Mittelstehnahe - 103 km.

3rd stage: Mittelstehnahe - Oldenburg - 98 km.

Resting day: Oldenburg

4rth stage: Oldenburg - Woldebelling (Netherlands) 130 km

5th stage: Woldebelling - Emmen 60 km

6th stage: Emmen - Appeldoorn 96 km

Resting day: Apeldoorn

7th stage: Apeldoorn - 's-Hertogenbosch 93 km

8th stage: 's-Hertogenbosch - Baarle-Nassau (Belgium) 42 km

9th stage: Baarle-Nassau - Bruxelles 85 km

Resting day: Bruxelles

10th stage: Bruxelles - Barlaimont (France) 88 km

11th stage: Barlaimont - Noyon 103 km

Final stage: Noyon - Paris 102 km

Resting day: Paris